Botanium 2-pack

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Wall Plug

Includes: Botanium, growing medium, pipette bottle with liquid nutrients, user guide, USB wall plug

Botanium enables you to grow herbs and vegetables - fast and easily. Featuring automatic watering and a water tank that lasts several weeks, this product is magical if you lack green thumbs and want fresh basil with minimum effort.

- No soil - no dirt and no soil-borne bugs
- Built-in water tank that lasts for weeks (convenient when traveling)
- Automatic watering, so you don't need to think how much or when to water
- Hydroponic technology that grows more productive plants - and quicker
- Grow anything from seed to harvest (herbs, chili peppers, tomatoes and much more)
- Minimalistic, elegant Scandinavian design that fits in your home

Dimensions: 136 mm (5.3") x 250 mm (9.8")
Usage: Indoor use only.

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