Tomato seeds

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'Balcony red'

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This compact tomato plant is a heavy yielder with clusters of fine flavoured, red fruit that are about 2 centimeters in diameter.

Contains 6 seeds. Height: Up to 30 cm

Plant 3 seeds in the growing medium in the Botanium, 1 centimeter deep in the center. Seedlings appear in 7–10 days – remove all but one.
Grow in a bright window or under a lamp.
When flowers appear, move pollen from one flower to the next using a brush or your finger.
The plant needs to be supported when the tomatoes start growing.
Use 3–4 pipettes of nutrients for a full tank when the plant is small and increase to 5–6 pipettes when flowers appear.

Visit our growing guide for more detailed information.

Can only be shipped within European Union!