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I've been looking for years for a good self watering system, and THIS IS IT. Finally a goodlooking vertical solution, LOVE IT. ordered one, now I have 3 :)


These guys paid a lot of attention to many details, packaging, functionality and of course the looks. After buying and installing my first Botanium Immediately ordered many more. I travel quite a lot and now plants stay alive in a nice looking pot

Arnold H.

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Small scale hydroponics isn't new, but usually, it's a choice between ugly and cheaply made units or full-scale DIY projects. Botanium combines a simple system with great aesthetics to make the best no-fuss, single plant hydroponics setup we've ever seen.

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Financial Review

You don't have to do much but wait with Botanium’s fill-and-forget hydroponic pot. [...] An extremely easy and neat way to grow plants indoors and not kill them.

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The Independent

If you want something fuss-free, that you can forget to water for a month, the Botanium is for you.

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