Back our next project at Kickstarter

Back our next project at Kickstarter

Thanks to our friends and fans, Botanium has done well. Botanium was first revealed on Kickstarter early 2017. In only 5 days we were fully funded with 1420 backers from all over the world. In the end of same year we shipped around 2500 units to 65 different countries. We are now ready to launch our second product, Botanium Vega where you among other things will be able to grow more plants and monitor them with Botanium app. 



It grows up to four of your favourite herbs, has a built-in light with our own technology and design. All in all, growing plants without a garden has never been easier.

It costs a small fortune to start manufacturing the new products. So we're announcing the Botanium Vega on Kickstarter first. If you want to get a good deal, be among the first to get the new Botanium Vega and do us a big favor please back us on Kickstarter.

Even if you don't need fresh herbs in your kitchen at this moment, please spread the word. We need your help! 🌱









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