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the story about Botanium
Meet the founders

We are a technology company founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016 by a group of designers and engineers with a passion for creating innovative products that enable everyone to grow their own food without compromising their modern lifestyle. 

Rasmus, Johannes, and Mario, the founders of the company, came together to combine their unique skill sets and backgrounds in a shared interest for indoor gardening and product development.

We strive to accelerate and simplify urban gardening, enabling everyone to be a grower - no green thumbs needed.

Designed in Sweden

Botanium is designed and developed in Sweden, a country known for its long, dark winters. With indoor gardening being the only way for those who wish to grow their own fresh produce year-round, we saw an opportunity to design a product that would make indoor gardening both easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Company details

Botanium AB
Gamla Brogatan 19
11120 Stockholm



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