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Botanium Vega

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Grow chili

What makes chili growing so rewarding is that even a small amount of chili lasts a long time – in contrast to strawberries for instance, which you easily can eat faster than it grows.

Grow tomatoes

Like its' relatives chili peppers, potatoes and tobacco, tomatoes originate from South America. It is a fast growing plant that thrives in hydroponic systems like Botanium.

Grow basil

Basil grows quite fast and is a good alternative for the impatient grower. As it needs a lot of water, it thrives in the Botanium where it gets watered often and evenly. 

You can also grow rocket salad, thyme, oregano, strawberries, mint and much much more.


Grow without sunlight

By using a powerful LED, CFL or fluorescent lamp, you can grow almost anything indoors without any daylight. And there is no need to get a special "grow light"!

Grow without sunlight


Thanks to a great design, this device won't only help you grow your own plants and herbs, but it will also make your home look better.

Fresher's mag

For ease of use, aesthetics, and most importantly, a truly hands-off growing experience regardless of space and light, Botanium is a near perfect product.


"This device is perfect for those who struggle to keep plants alive"

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How to get started

1. FiIl tank with water
2. Add nutrients
3. Fill growing container with growing medium
4. Plant seeds
5. Connect Botanium to power
6. Sit back and let your plant grow!

Nutrients 90 ml Growing Medium Chilli seeds Cherry tomato seeds Basil seeds

Keep growing


The Botanium includes everything you need to grow (except seeds), but we got you covered when you need additional growing medium and nutrients. Also check out our seeds!

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scandi minimalism

Designed in Sweden

Inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition, Botanium was created with minimalist design values in mind. We believe that good design is user friendly, honest and free of clutter.

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