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Indoor gardening that's a walk in the park

We want to make the world greener, one plant at a time. Botanium enables everyone to grow plants like basil, chili pepper, tomatoes and lettuce - no matter your gardening skills. Transform your home into an indoor oasis with our effortless gardening solutions.

Magically self-watering

Botanium automatically waters the plant for you - you will never again wonder when or how much to water!

You only need to refill the water tank every now and then.

How it works

Super simple growing

Instead of buying herbs from the store - grow them from seed yourself! Not only will you get fresher produce, you also reduce transports.

And your plant will keep growing instead of dying the next day.

Grow indoors, anywhere

You don't need sunny weather to grow edible plants. Just place it under a bright lamp and you can grow in the middle of the winter.

(if you have a sunny window that works great too, of course.)

Our grow light

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Grow chili peppers

What makes chili growing so rewarding is that even a small amount of chili lasts a long time – in contrast to strawberries for instance, which you easily can eat faster than it grows.

fat and juicy

Grow tomatoes

Like its' relatives chili peppers, potatoes and tobacco, tomatoes originate from South America. It is a fast growing plant that thrives in hydroponic systems like Botanium.

so crispy

Grow herbs and lettuce

Basil and other herbs grow quite fast and are a good alternative for the impatient grower. As they need a lot of water, they thrive in the Botanium where it gets watered often and evenly. 

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You can also grow rocket salad, thyme, oregano, strawberries, mint and much much more.

Three easy steps to start growing


Fill the tank with water and add fertilizer. (fertilizer is included)


Fill the growing container with growing medium & plant seeds.


Connect the Botanium to power and sit back while the plant grows.

How it works

What our customers say


I recently bought my second Botanium, and couldn't recommend the original Botanium enough. Depending on the plant, one is only required to refill the reservoir every 2 to 3 weeks, making is super easy to take care of. :)

Manish Kumar On Jun 26, 2020

"Not only does it look really good but the plants grow really fast and you can just set-up and forget... sit back and watch your plants grow. I have dwarf Tomatoes and Capsicum growing in mine. Perfect!"

Timothy B. on Sep 28, 2020

After germinating my cilantro seeds (paper towel method) they sprouted thought the growing medium effortlessly after just three days . Now let’s see them grow. The design is what attracted me! The ease of plant growth will keep me!!

Missouri W. on Feb 12, 2023

Easy to use and worth the money. Really impressed by how easy this hydroponic pot is to use. Planted a single chilli seed from a supermarket chilli and left it, now I have a fully fledged chilli plant growing without any fuss. Its easy to see when the pot needs refilling, but I've found that a full tank lasts for ages, thanks to the way the excess water drains back into the tank.

Charlie G. on Jan 17, 2023

coming 2024

Botanium Vega

Grow even more plants in Botanium Vega. It also features a long-lasting water tank and a built-in, super bright grow light.

And it has an app!

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