"Jalapeno" Chilli seeds

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"Jalapeno" - Organic seeds

A very productive, thick fleshed chili. Fruits are about 7 cm long with rounded points and turn red as they ripen. Moderately intense heat at about 7000 SHU.

Contains 6 seeds. Height: Up to 40 cm


For best results, grow maximum one chii pepper plant per Botanium or four plants in a Botanium Vega. Plant 1 centimeter deep.

Grow in a bright window or under a lamp. Seedlings appear in 5-12 days.

When flowers appear, move pollen from one flower to the next using a brush or your finger. Use 5 pipettes (5 ml) with nutrients per liter water.

Visit our growing guide for more detailed

Can only be shipped within European Union!

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