Soil-less gardening 🌱

Soil-less gardening 🌱

Hydroponics is simply growing without soil. The roots need water, nutrients and oxygen, all of which can be provided in a more efficient way than in soil. Botanium's porous growing medium absorbs a lot of water, while also providing an aerated environment for the roots. 

The benefit of this is not only quicker growth and more control, but it is also a simpler approach to growing. The amount of nutrients you need to add depends on the plants you are growing.

The great thing about hydroponics is that you can never overwater the plants you grow. Therefore, you don't need to take into account things like letting the soil dry out before watering again (and not waiting too long so your plants wilt).

All you need to do is to fill the reservoir when you see the water level getting low. The water lasts several week (depending on the plant, light and heat).


Quick guide - How it works

Built in water tank
A built in water tank ensures the water lasts for several weeks, so you can go away from home and return to a healthy plant.


More productive plants
The hydroponic medium enables the plant to grow faster, so you can harvest earlier and more often, whether it's basil leaves or chili peppers.


 Automatic watering
Botanium waters every 3rd hour, and since the growing medium holds moisture as well as air, the plant can't get overwatered. Just fill the water tank when the water level gets low, and you can leave it alone.



Why not just grow in a tin can with some soil?

 Botanium Soil
+ No soil borne pests - Can contain pests, like fungus gnats
+ Sterile growing medium - Needs watering when dry, but not too dry
+ Automatic watering - Requires (helpful) neighbors when traveling 
+ Faster growth - Slower growth
+ No mess - Messy and dirty
+ Clear water level indication - It's easy to forget watering
+ Cannot be overwatered - Overwatering is common
+ Effective water usage - Most water evaporates
+ Can contain more vitamins - Results depend on soil quality

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