How it works

Hydroponics is simply growing without soil. Roots need water, nutrients and oxygen, all of which can be provided in a more efficient way than in soil.

Botanium's porous growing medium absorbs a lot of water, while also providing an aerated environment for the roots. The benefit of this is not only quicker growth and more control, but it is also a simpler approach to growing.

The included nutrients are easily added with a pipette and the amount you need to add depends on the plants you are growing.

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Why not just grow in a pot with soil?


+ No soil borne pests
+ Sterile growing medium 
+ Automatic watering 
+ Faster growth 
+ No mess 
+ Clear water level indication 
+ Cannot be overwatered 
+ Effective water usage 
+ Can contain more vitamins


- Can contain pests, like fungus gnats 
- Needs watering when dry, but not too dry 
- Requires (helpful) neighbors when traveling 
- Slower growth 
- Messy and dirty 
- It's easy to forget watering 
- Overwatering is common 
- Most water evaporates 
- Results depend on soil quality

Urban gardening without sunlight

Did you know that you can grow inside all-year-round, even if you live in a cold and dark country? 

Even here in Sweden it's easy, and you don't need a special "growing light". Just put your plant under a standard CFL, fluorescent lamp or LED. 

As long as it's not an old incandescent light bulb, the plants will grow, even during the grimmest of winters.