The five most common reasons plants die

The five most common reasons plants die

Unless you were born with green thumbs, you have probably experienced how difficult it can be to take care of a plant. An indoor plant slowly, and in silence, perishes if you neglect it for too long. Since plants can't talk (and since most people like to have plants at home), we need to either get skilled or use products that help us with plant care. 

Here are the 5 most common ways to kill plants:

  1. Watering too much. 
    Yes, this is more common than watering too little. Watering too much "drowns" the roots. This promotes growth of bacteria that leads to so called "root rot" and kills your plant by killing the roots.

  2. Watering too little
    This goes without saying. Unless you grow plants adapted to desert climate, you will need to water your plant evenly and regularly.

  3. Lack of nutrients
    Even if you grow in soil, you must sooner or later add nutrients to the soil - either liquid nutrients or give your plant new soil. There are at least 17 elements that are essential to plants, not including oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.

  4. Lack of light
    Since plant's source of energy is light, they must have daylight or artificial light to live. Having a plant in a dark room for too long is not recommended.

  5. Bugs
    This one is tougher. Thrips, aphids or spider mites are examples of bugs that feast on leaves and can be really difficult to get rid of once they have established themselves on your plant. Growing indoors, it is however unlikely you will get an infestation. Be careful when buying plants, as many of them are infested.

Using a Botanium, you never need to wonder how much or when to water your plant - and it can't be overwatered. Nutrients are also included in the kit with clear instructions on how much you need to add for optimum plant growth.

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  • Pierre-Baptiste


    I got my first botanium a few months ago and began to grow some Chilis. Unfortunately, a few days ago I discovered a small quantity of aphids on the plant (close to the flowers). I could kill them by crushing them. However, I am wondering how can I avoid these bugs to come back in the future?


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